February 2021

How To Grow Potatoes from potatoes

Have you ever wondering how to grow potatoes? Planting potatoes is easier than you think! Potatoes are easily the most versatile vegetable around. Mashed, fried, baked, boiled, hashed and more. You name it, a potato can do it. So, why not skip the produce section and grow these resourceful vegetables in your own yard? All you […]

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Cucumber: Fruit or Vegetable?

However, there is some debate about whether cucumbers are fruits or vegetables. From a botanical standpoint, cucumbers are fruits, as they grow from flowers and contain seeds. So the question.. Cucumber: Fruit or Vegetable However, from a culinary standpoint, they are often considered vegetables due to their savory flavor and common use in savory dishes.

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Complete Guide to Aerial Plants

Aerial plants grow on other structures or surfaces, typically above the ground. There are several types of aerial plants; each adapted to different environments and conditions. Here are some common types: Features of Different Aerial Plant Types Feature Epiphytes Air Plants (Tillandsias) Climbers/Vines Attachment Grow on other plants or objects without taking nutrients Typically attach

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