5 Best Indoor Greenhouses of 2022 We Tested them!

Are you looking for the best indoor greenhouse for your home?  Check out this comprehensive article to get the right greenhouse to fit your available space and favorite plants

Whether you live in a small house or simply do not need much space for your indoor plants, a small greenhouse comes in handy to keep your small plants warm and safe.  With a high-quality, portable greenhouses and greenhouse kits you do not need to invest in large fancy structures for your patios, garden, or yard.

Best Indoor Greenhouses
Best Indoor Greenhouses Of 2021

Growing a year-round vegetable garden means you can have fresh produce on your dinner table any time you like. This is quite useful for regions with a short growing season, but a controlled climate all year long makes indoor gardening perfect for any time of year.

Choosing the best rated greenhouse for indoor use will provide the perfect solution for protecting sensitive plants. Wind, rain, drought and animals are also eliminated when your gardening efforts are kept safely inside. The most noticeable difference between the best greenhouse for outdoor use as compared to the best rated indoor greenhouse is the insulation factor.

An outdoor system tends to be heavier, with thicker plastic or plexiglass coverings and heavy-duty, reinforced closures. The structure itself also needs to stand up to gusting wind, rain and in some regions, snow.

best indoor greenhouse

Indoor greenhouses, however, offer a great deal more versatility. Lightweight and portable, many indoor greenhouses are on wheels. They often use a thin plastic sheet for covering to protect against drafts and retain warmth and moisture. With shapes and sizes to suit any lifestyle, you can quickly find the best indoor greenhouse for sale for your home and your budget.

5 Best Indoor Greenhouses Of 2022

In this article, we will discuss the five best indoor greenhouses of the year to help you make a wise decision. We tested, reviewed, and compared the best of the best to narrow down a best overall pick, the best budget pick, a runner-up, the best indoor mini greenhouse, and a spurge greenhouse pick.

Best Overall Pick

KOKSRY Greenhouse, Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse

If you are still worrying about building a plant shelter, look no further than KOKSRY Greenhouse, Indoor, and Outdoor Greenhouse to solve all your gardening problems. This greenhouse is manufactured and constructed to keep your seedlings and young plants well protected against tough weather conditions such as snow, rain, and wind. Your plants can enjoy a healthy environment and extend the growing season.

The best indoor mini greenhouse is made up of environment-friendly thickened polyethylene material. This material is a type of thermoplastic resin consisting of ethylene polymerized. It is non-toxic, odorless, and comes with low-temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and alkali/acid corrosion resistance. The PE cover works wonders in delivering UV protection and maximum solar performance to keep the temperature warm. It also causes condensation to enhance indoor humidity.

The greenhouse adopts a study structure thanks to the presence of a high-quality tubular steel pipe. It provides support and stability to the shelter plants from wind. A heavy support net is also present to hold extra seed trays and potted plants. The ABS connector syndicates the entire framework, so every layer can endure 50 pounds or more.

Another benefit is the zippered roll-up door for screened ventilation, easy access, and good air circulation. With a non-woven cover and a PE cloth, the greenhouse can adapt to multiple weather conditions. This cloth can retain solar energy and prevent the seedlings from pests and frost.

Since indoors are 7-13 degrees higher than the outdoor conditions, you can even add a plant grow light or a simple fan with other necessary tools to help plants grow better.


  • Easy to install
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Good stability and sturdiness


  • User instruction sheet needs improvement

Best Budget Pick

With Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse, you do not have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to give your seedlings and plants a suitable space to grow. This mini greenhouse is indeed an affordable solution that offers multiple shelves for your plants. It comes with a clear PVC cover to protect your plants from excessive heat, high winds, and frost. 

It maintains the internal moisture to give an ideal growing environment to the seedlings. The seeds get a head start or stretch the growing season. Using this greenhouse kit for outdoor winters is also beneficial for plants as it helps prevent animal destruction and pest attack.

The greenhouse features an iron frame with a spray paint rust prevention process. This frame and outer protective covering prevent being damaged by water or strong winds. The unit has 11 pounds maximum weight capacity for each of the four shelves.

When needed, you can also embed a greenhouse heater for more effective results. This garden greenhouse comes with two types of ribbon ties so you can secure the door in its place and keep it open for proper light or ventilation. You can easily roll the curtain up and down as per the plant’s requirements. The biggest benefit is the zippered cover design of the door that provides convenient access for optimum air circulation and aeration to the plants.

One more thing that the buyers love about Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse is that it is portable and very easy to assemble. There is a robust tubular iron frame that is easy to set up and break down without any fancy tools. The greenhouse is also very easy to carry around, fold and store even in the compact of all places.


  • Rain-proof greenhouse
  • Durable fabric workmanship
  • Firm and stable structure


  • Not suitable for outdoors

Best Runner Up

SV SCOOL VALUE Greenhouse, Mini Greenhouse Indoor and Outdoor

The SV SCOOL Value Greenhouse is best for garden hobbyists and people who like to raise flowers, vegetables, and plants all year long. This small, compact mini greenhouse provides ultimate protection to your vegetation by offering a high-quality environment for the potted plants. It allows them to grow freely, more healthily, and quickly. The best part here is that you can keep the unit indoors or outdoors as per your requirement without worrying about the climatic conditions.

The greenhouse features a very strong construction. A robust steel pipe is the major support system of the unit. There is a PE plastic cover that you can use to protect the plants during frost, rain, and windy weather. Moreover, two heavy-duty shelves are given for your convenience on each side of the greenhouse that is strong enough to endure more plants, pots, and trays than any other product on the list. The clip shelf fixers are included in the package to prevent the shelves from moving around during heavy wind.

When compared to PVC material, the PE material incorporated in the construction of SV SCOOL Value Greenhouse is odorless and non-toxic. What attracts people the most is that PE has amazing low-temperature resistance, excellent thermal insulation, good chemical stability, and durability. It can handle even the worst acid or alkali erosion without any problem.

The walk-in style of the greenhouse gives you easy access so you can keep adding the plants and take care of your flowers/vegetables during rainy or stormy days. What’s more, there is a zippered roll-up door for more air circulation. The ground anchors are present to make the unit strong during rough use.


  • Great design
  • Very easy setup
  • Environment-friendly PE material


  • It needs good anchoring for outdoor use

Best Under $25

Mini Pop up Greenhouse Small Indoor Outdoor Gardening Flowerpot Cover Backyard Flower Shelter

Thanks to this indoor/outdoor greenhouse, nobody needs a massive backyard to relish the benefits of a greenhouse. It is an ideal choice for people looking for a budget-friendly way to protect their seedlings and plants.The MINI LOP Mini Pop up Greenhouse is a compact, most portable greenhouse in the market known for protecting your plants and increasing their growing period. This mini greenhouse can maintain and facilitate high humidity levels within the unit to generate an outstanding growing environment for all types of vegetables, fruits, and plants. It is also perfect if you wish to save the plants from frost, bad weather conditions, and fierce winds. The greenhouse can keep the potted plants warm and safe without needing any extra fancy accessories.

The best thing about this best decorative indoor greenhouse is its pop-up design that accounts for easy set-up, foldability, and portability. You can set up the tent within seconds and start using the greenhouse right away. The unit is made from high-quality PVC material and comes with four steel ground stacks to make it immobile even in tough weather circumstances.

Moreover, there is a zippered window, which comes in handy during warm, humid days. The overall structure stands 31-inches tall when open (length) and 27-inches in both width and depth.

So, if you are a beginner or a small gardener who wishes to grow interesting plants without wasting money on standard greenhouses, check out MINI LOP Mini Pop up Greenhouse to get a worthy product. It is very simple and quick to install and can easily be set up within seconds for both indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Portable and foldable
  • Incorporates high-quality PVC material
  • Delivers superior growing performance


  • Zippers might malfunction over time

Best Splurge Pick

EAGLE PEAK 8′ X 6′ Portable Walk-In Greenhouse

The EAGLE PEAK 8′ x 6′ Portable Walk-in Greenhouse features a unique and innovative EASY PEAK, single person setup technology. The entire greenhouse is designed and manufactured for a convenient setup and easy use without any extra tools. 

With its 6×8 feet of floor space, the greenhouse is large enough for people to work and move around.  Also, the plants have ample space to grow in all directions with the unit’s three height adjustable legs.

The steel structure delivers trustworthy and safe quality.  There is a steel ceiling roof to make the construction more durable and rigid. Due to this feature, the greenhouse can endure rough outdoor conditions without any issue. You can easily create the ideal temperature for your fruits, vegetables, and plants so they can thrive and flourish all year long.

Moreover, it features mesh reinforced fabric walls and two zippered walls for convenient access on every side. This pop-up greenhouse is ready to use right out of the box. Thanks to the pre-assembled steel frame, it is more convenient to store and transport. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and move around with different seasons to augment the growth period of your plants.

The roll-up zippered door allows you to get in/ out of the greenhouse easily. There is a PE protective cover to deliver maximum solar performance. It protects the seedlings and the plants from tough elements of weather conditions. The greenhouse also features two roll-up side windows with a convection design. It helps isolate insects and pests from harming your plants.  The ropes and stakes are included in the package for secure anchoring of the greenhouse to the ground. 


  • High-quality frame
  • Height adjustment option
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not recommended for intense cold climates

Best Indoor Greenhouse Buyers Guide

With hundreds of brands and portable greenhouse products available in the market, it might be a bit hard to choose the best indoor greenhouse for your home.

There are certain key features, factors, and parameters that every potential buyer must consider before making a final choice. In this buyer’s guide section, we will discuss some important factors to consider before choosing one particular indoor greenhouse over another.

May be an image of indoor

Adequate Ventilation

The main cause of plant death and damage in a greenhouse is overheating.

Before buying an indoor greenhouse, make sure that it can retain warm air during winter months and release hot air during hot and humid seasons. 

Always give consideration to the airflow; it must have ample allowance for air to exit and enter the unit. 

Choose a greenhouse with vents near the top and base for air flow.  Many greenhouses available today also feature exhaust fans to avoid overheating during summers. If which ever greenhouse you choose does not come with a built in exhaust fan, you can simply add a small fan facing outward into the greenhouse vent. This is an easy way to draw the overheated air out of the greenhouse and help maintain an optimal environment for your plants.

Proper Insulation

The current climate within your gardening region directs the amount of insulation needed for the indoor greenhouse.  

A high-quality greenhouse covering must be able to retain the heat within the unit and keep it warm so you can heat up to the potted plants without wasting more money.

Apart from the covering materials, a variety of insulating schemes are also accessible, so you can take measures depending on the requirements of your growing season. You can insulate the walls, roof, and foundations of the greenhouse or use a simple UV stabilized polyethylene bubble wrap to achieve the purpose.


The greenhouse frames are accessible in a wide range of materials. Aluminum delivers a strong yet lightweight, rust-free frame. Aluminum frames have a long life span and can provide a perfect fit for the covering panels. 

Tubular steel frames are extremely robust and long-lasting. Thanks to the inherent strength, the greenhouse needs minimal structure for framing resulting in more light coming through for the plants.

Plastic frames are also famous for their attractive look and cheap cost. Wood frames are also used by DIY gardeners as they have an aesthetic appeal and durability to them.

Repurposed Old Windows into Indoor Greenhouse
Repurposed Old Windows into Indoor Greenhouse

Final thoughts

There you go. These are our 5 best indoor greenhouses for the year. Though every product in this list is a highly rated and best-selling model, the clear winner for us is KOKSRY greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor greenhouse. 

This product is easy to move; you do not need a massive space to enjoy homegrown fruits and vegetables.

The greenhouse is versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor with an ideal growing environment.  No tools are needed for assembling; simply follow the given instructions and start using the product right away.

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