Indoor Plants

Complete Guide to Aerial Plants

Aerial plants grow on other structures or surfaces, typically above the ground. There are several types of aerial plants; each adapted to different environments and conditions. Here are some common types: Features of Different Aerial Plant Types Feature Epiphytes Air Plants (Tillandsias) Climbers/Vines Attachment Grow on other plants or objects without taking nutrients Typically attach

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How to Propagate Succulents Easily

There are several, simple ways to propagate succulents; we can’t wait to see them sprouting in containers around the house and garden all year long. Succulents are interesting, in that many, if not most, have the ability to grow entirely new plants from their leaves or stems. Many people take cuttings of succulents, or will

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Succulent Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Succulent Frequently Asked Questions If you’re new to succulent care, you probably have tons of questions! We’ve all been there, so the most common questions are compiled below. PLANT HEALTH How can I help my plants? If you’re a new succulent owner, check out our Beginner Basics wiki! Why is my succulent so tall/droopy? Succulents like

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