Traditional Medicine

Plinia phitrantha (White Jaboticaba)

Plinia phitrantha, (syn. Plinia aureana)(White Jaboticaba)Other Names: Jaboticaba Branca Related To: Jaboticaba, Camu Camu, Surinam Cherry Main Uses: Fruit; Ornamental Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate Mature Height/Spread: To 20′, but usually kept smaller. Flowering/Pollination: Small, white, cauliflorous, self-pollinating Tolerance: Somewhat tolerant of drought, but prefers consistently moist soils. Soil/Nutrition: Rich, slightly acidic, well-drained. Performs well on amended sandy soils but generally prefers more […]

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Casimiroa edulis (White Sapote)

Casimiroa edulis(White Sapote)Other Names: Zapote Blanco, Matasano, Casimiroa Related To:[Rutaceae] Citrus, Curry Leaf, Bael Fruit Main Uses: Fruit, shade. Growth Rate: Moderate once past the fast-growing seedling stage. Mature Height/Spread: Up to 60 feet when grown from seed. Grafted trees are smaller and more manageable. Flowering/Pollination: Mostly self-fertile. Small, greenish-yellow, not fragrant. Tolerance: Has a moderate tolerance of both salt and dryness.

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Sceletium tortuosum (Kanna)

Sceletium tortuosum(Sceletium, Kanna)Other Names: Channa, Kuogoed, Tortuose Fig Marigold Related To: [Aizoaceae] – Hottentot Fig Main Uses: Medicine, Goundcover Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast Mature Height/Spread: Only a few inches above the ground. Sprawling groud-cover. Flowering/Pollination: The small flowers vary in color – white to yellow, occasionally light orange or pink. Tolerance: Drought tolerance is good; not tolerant of salt. Soil/Nutrition: Sandy, dry

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Morinda citrifolia (Indian Mulberry)

Morinda citrifolia(Noni, Indian Mulberry)Other Names: Morinda (incorrectly regarding common Chinese medicine), Related To: [Rubiaceae] Coffee, Guarana Main Uses: Ornamental, Fruit, Medicinal Growth Rate: Fast Mature Height/Spread: Generally a small tree, to 25.’ Flowering/Pollination: Self-fertile flowers bloom by the dozens on tightly packed panicles, combining to form the aggregate fruit. Tolerance: It is fairly drought tolerant but will drop leaves if stressed

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Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom)

Mitragyna speciosa(Kratom )Other Names: (pronounced “Khrah-Tome”) Ketom, Biak, Mabog, Mitragyne Related To: [Rubiaceae] Coffee, Noni, Guarana Main Uses: Psychoactive Stimulant Growth Rate: Moderate to fast. Mature Height/Spread: Small to large tree; more than 50 feet tall in the tropics. Flowering/Pollination: Yellow, clustering. Tolerance: Intolerant of both salt and drought. Soil/Nutrition: Moist, acidic soils rich in organic matter are very beneficial to the health

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Paullinia cupana

Paullinia cupana(Guaraná)Other Names: Brazilian cocoa, Cupana, Cipo-guarana Related To: [Sapindaceae] Longan, Akee, Lychee Main Uses: Medicinal; Psychoactive Growth Rate: Moderate Mature Height/Spread: Guarana is a vine-like climbing shrub, capable of exceeding 30′ in ideal circumstances. Flowering/Pollination: Small, white flowers on clustered panicles. Pollinated naturally by many small insects. Tolerance: Soil/Nutrition: Light: Shade to part sun. Wind: n/a Temperature: Strictly tropical. Dangers: Diseases Prone: Bearing

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