Types of Indoor Alocasia Plants: A Comprehensive Guide

Alocasia plants, commonly known as Elephant Ear or African Mask plants, have gained immense popularity among indoor gardening enthusiasts due to their striking foliage and unique appearance. In this article, we will delve into the various types of indoor Alocasia plants and provide you with essential care tips to help your Alocasia thrive. The Fascinating World of …

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Other Names: Asumpa, Bombi, Anguto, Tahu, Bobo, Ebambu Scientific name – Anonodium mannii Family: Annonaceae Synonym: Annona manii Anonodium mannii, or Junglesop, is indigenous to Central America. It is abundant in the wild in Congo, Zambia, the Central African Republic, Angola, etc. The junglesop tree can reach heights of 8 to 30 meters and has …

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Needle Palm Cold-Hardy Tropicals

Needle Palm Cold-Hardy Tropicals Other Names: porcupine palm, Blue Palmetto, Rhapidophyllum hystrix  Related To: n/a Main Uses: Ornamental. Growth Rate: Slow to moderate. Slowest in northern climates. Mature Height/Spread: Slow-growing clumping palm. Typically 4-5 feet tall. Can form a small trunk over many years. Individual leaves can reach 3-4 feet wide. Flowering/Pollination: Typically, separate male …

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