Methods to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa

The best way to propagate monstera is to take a stem cutting. Cuttings root more easily in spring and early summer.

Look for a node along a leaf stem near the bottom of the plant. Nodes are little bumps along the stem that can turn into a leaf, or aerial roots while on the plant. Cut just below this node.

Use rooting hormone on the cut area and insert the stem into soil or water. It should grow roots. Plants started in water need to be potted in soil before the roots are too large.

Monstera often produce small plants around the main plant also. To propagate, remove plant from the pot, gently wash away the soil, then separate the young plants by clipping them off the main root system. Repot everything.

How to Air Layer Monstera

Monstera will throw out areal roots, on side branches, which can be used if present. If not just go ahead without them.

Steps to Air Layer Propagate A Monstera Deliciosa:

  1. Select an aerial root approximately 1 inch long anywhere on the stem. Locate the node just above it.
  2. Make an incision into the stem just below the aerial root you have selected.
    1. Cut into the stem about one-third of the stem’s diameter.
    2. Cut again just below the previous cut so that a small notch is created.
  3. Wrap the entire stem with floral or sphagnum moss.
    1. Be sure the aerial root, a node, and the cut are all covered with a 1- to 2-inch layer of moist moss.
  4. Enclose the moss in plastic, leaving about 2 inches additional plastic on each end.
  5. Secure both ends of the plastic to the stem with twist ties or a suitable substitute. You will have to open the moss to water and check on roots, so make it easily accessible.
  6. Keep the moss moist until roots develop; do not allow it to dry out.
  7. When roots are present, sever the stem from the rest of the plant.
  8. Plant the rooted stem into potting soil.

If you were a bit confused by the steps above here is a great YouTube video that explains in detail how to Air Layer Propagate A Monstera Deliciosa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Propagating a Monstera with just a stem and no nodes is not possible. A stem itself is not sufficient. At least one node is necessary to successfully propagate a Monstera plant. You can however put a leaf with a petiole in a vase and it will look good for months.

Can I propagate Monstera without a node?

Propagating a Monstera with just a stem and no nodes is not possible. A stem itself is not sufficient. At least one node is necessary to successfully propagate a Monstera plant. You can however put a leaf with a petiole in a vase and it will look good for months.

Can you propagate monstera from a leaf?

When you say propagate from a leaf, I’m assuming you mean cut a leaf in half and set it into the soil, like you can do with a snake plant, African violet, or begonia.

For a monstera leaf, that doesn’t work. To propagate monstera, you need a piece with a node.

Where do I cut my monstera to propagate it?

Anywhere that gives you a segment which contains a leaf and a root.

Here’s one I did about 6 weeks ago.

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